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Mr J was resident at a Nursing Home which was registered to care for people with dementia and those with challenging behaviours.  His wife visited him every day and whilst there would help with his meals and try to keep him calm.  Mr J was a prisoner of war during the Second World War and due to his dementia he frequently believed he was back in that situation and became verbally and physically aggressive towards other residents and staff.  The Nursing Home management felt that he was endangering other residents and gave his wife 4 weeks notice to find another placement.

Mrs J was distressed and confused and did not know where to start looking.  Her only daughter lived 150 miles away and was not in a position to help.  Mrs J contacted us and after asking some questions and establishing what was required, we accepted the case.  We proceeded to negotiate an extension on the notice given by his current care home, identified a number of suitable alternative placements, escorted Mrs J on visits to the possible new placements, arranged safe transfer for Mr J to the new placement, provided a follow up and ongoing support for Mrs J during the transition period.

Mrs J commented that we were like a ‘light in the darkness’, that we had taken all of the stress out of the situation and that the knowledge and experience we provided was invaluable.  Mrs J’s daughter was also extremely grateful for the support provided.

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