Local Authority Partnership Working

Providing Continuing Healthcare Advocacy Service to Local Authorities

Our Local Authority Support Package provides a resource to proactive Local Authorities who are striving to provide the best service possible to their service users.

Health Advocacy UK currently provides a Continuing Healthcare Advocacy Service to a number of Local Authorities who wish to provide a dedicated support to their Service Users. The service not only benefits Service Users by providing a professional advocacy service to support them during Continuing Healthcare applications and disputes, but also provides training and support for Local Authority staff which has already proved to be invaluable.

The upskilling of staff has enhanced their participation in the assessment process and MDT participation. Policies have been developed to advise staff regarding challenges to CCG recommendations and decisions. This has resulted in an increase in the success of applications and a reduction in the number of funding packages being withdrawn.

We would be happy to provide this service to any other Local Authorities who may find this service beneficial.

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