Care pathway support

We offer several services to assist you or your relative on the care journey

Many people feel choosing a care home very difficult and may worry about relatives who are in a care home, particularly if they live far away. Our Care Pathway services can be of help in these circumstances.

Care Home Pathway

We can assist with Care Home Selection support, ensuring the placement effectively meets the needs of the person requiring care.

Our staff can carry out Care Home Records Inspection , ensuring the records are robust, appropriate to the needs of the person and updated regularly. Accurate records are essential for any funding application.

For families who may be a long way from a relative who is in a care home, we can carry out Care Home Monitoring, ensuring effective care is being delivered in a safe and appropriate environment. 

We are experts in Care Home Funding , including Current Assessments, Disputes, Retrospective cases and Periods of Unassessed Care and can manage these cases for you with the benefit of an experience clinical advocate.

Hospital Discharge Pathway

We will visit the person in hospital and identify the kind of support they will need on discharge.

Our staff will provide expert advocacy support at Discharge Planning and Best Interest meetings.

We can provide support with identifying next steps and facilitating appropriate discharge and liaise with Health and Social Care professionals on your behalf.

As part of this service we will also explore any funding options which maybe available.

Homecare Pathway

We will meet with the person requiring the care and identify what level of support the person needs.

We can then determine the level of care and skills required to manage this.

Our staff can provide support with recruitment of home care staff and assist with identification of payroll and employment law support Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks.

We can create Care Plans, Risk Assessments and Working Schedules.

As part of this service we will also explore any funding options which may be available. 
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