Continuing healthcare

Fully trained and qualified advocates

Our clients tell us that our Continuing Healthcare Service is an invaluable resource during the assessment and dispute process. Our advocates are fully trained and have many years of experience

Client Support

We support our clients in a very personalised and empathetic way.

We understand that you need to be in control of your own case, but you may feel as if you have been pressurised during MDT meetings, and your thoughts and feelings dismissed.

Assessment Process

Our role is to provide you with an advocate who can review the evidence available and present the clinical case for you.

We also focus on good practice and the legalities around the assessment process.

We will support you to make your points heard and ensure that you feel fully involved, but not overwhelmed with the process.

Dedicated Advocates

All of our clients are allocated a dedicated advocate who will be available to you throughout the process.

You will have a direct contact number so you can speak to them at any time.

We are not a 9 to 5 service and feel we should be there for our clients during evenings and weekends, if we are needed. Our team all work together to provide you with the best service we can give.

Continuing Healthcare is not awarded for an indefinite period, and it will be regularly reviewed. If the persons needs decrease or change Continuing Healthcare may be withdrawn if the person is assessed as no longer presenting with eligible levels of need. 

There is a defined process for carrying out reviews of funded packages of care. Many people are disadvantaged by poor practice during reviews, however we can assist with ensuring due process is followed.

The recommendation from an assessment can be disputed and we can help you to navigate through the Dispute Process. This can on occasion be a long journey and so our first process is always to carry out our own independent assessment of the individual’s needs. This can be done in person or via email, telephone or with a visit to the individual themselves. If in our opinion we feel that there is little chance of success, we will fully explain our reasons why to you. This will enable you make an informed decision if you wish to carry on. We do not encourage people to continue a case if they ultimately have little chance of success. There is no fee involved for us to discuss levels of need and potential for success via email or phone call. There will be a fee for a full assessment of the individual themselves at their home or care home.

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