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​Dementia is a very frightening word.  There are so many articles in newspapers and on TV talking about the astounding numbers of dementia sufferers in the UK today.  When you or a family member is diagnosed with a dementia type illness it can be completely overwhelming and confusing.  There are a number of dementia type illnesses which can present very differently.  Also, everyone's journey with dementia is different.  Here at Dementia Care Funding we provide a dedicated professional service to support you and your family through the dementia journey.

 We are not a 'hands on' care providing service or a charity, we are a company dedicated to providing real support with the day to day aspects of living with dementia, and supporting families of people living with dementia.  Our services are provided by fully trained and experienced advocates.  We can assist with general telephone, email or posted information which can help you make an informed choice of services available to you.  We can provide support in the selection of a care home, if required.  This can again be in the form of a telephone consultation, via email or by post.  We can assist in exploring possible funding to support your care needs if eligible.

 One of our most popular services is one to one advocacy support.  One of our professional advocates will visit you at home and spend time with you giving you information and guidance.  We can liaise with health and social care on your behalf.  We can give dedicated one to one support in sourcing care funding, and also exploring any funding options which may be available.