You may also have concerns regarding your Property, or Wills & Probate. Health advocacy have access to trusted legal professionals who can help you with any of these enquiries.

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​Wherever you are living, you may need financial support or assistance with your personal financial affairs including Power of Attorney, Property, Savings, Pensions, Wills, Probate, Benefits or Continuing Healthcare Funding.

​​We can discuss your options in terms of funding your care fees. You may be eligible for Continuing Healthcare or Funded Nursing Care. We can help with applications for both and subsequent reviews or disputes. Please visit ourContinuing Healthcare pagefor more information.

When facing the need for Long Term Care, It is important to plan financially for your future, specifically if you have a diagnosis of Dementia or other condition which could have an impact on your mental capacity to make decisions regarding your finance and welfare.

With this in mind one of the services we offer is assistance with Lasting Power of Attorney applications. If you are caring for someone who has lost the capacity to make these decisions, we can assist with Court of Protection applications so that someone can be appointed to manage their financial affairs on their behalf.

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There are a number of benefits that you could be considered for either as a patient or a carer.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit for disabled people to assist with care costs or mobility. It is tax-free and not means tested.

Attendance Allowance is between £55 and £82 per week if you have a physical or mental health disability over the age of 65. The decision about the rate of this payment is based on your needs and we can assist with your application or enquiries.

Carers Allowance may be available if you are looking after someone, we can look into whether you qualify for this and assist with your application.