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If you (or your relative) has a diagnosis of Dementia or other Long Term Health Condition, it is likely that you will require some health or care support day to day. We have designed our bespoke support services to help you live safely and well in the most appropriate care setting for you. Our aim is to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your care and if remaining within your home is possible and practical, we will always endeavour to do what we can to make that happen.

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If possible and practical you may be able to stay in your own home with the right support and care package.

We can liaise with social and health services including occupational therapists to establish the care and equipment you would need to remain in your own home. See our finance and benefits section for options on how to fund your care.

Recruitment: We can help you to source and recruit the appropriate staff to come to your home and provide care or nursing services to meet your needs.

Before discussing placement, we need to identify your health and social care needs and requirements including any particular times of day when your needs may increase, such as early morning or in the evening. You may be prescribed time-sensitive medication which needs to be administered. This is to ensure your care plan is formulated to be appropriate to your levels of need as well as offering you as much independence and control as possible.

What time of day do you need the most care?

What do you need from your staff day-to-day?

Moving into a residential or nursing home: 

If a residential or nursing home would be better to meet your needs, we can help you to source an appropriate placement based on the care you require. We can also help with: 

  • Visiting prospective homes, 
  • Knowing what to look out for and what questions to ask. 
  • Inspection of care home records and documentation. 
  • Advocacy regarding “Top Up” or “Hospitality” fees where appropriate. 
  • Funding Options

Please Contact us for more information.

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