Professional support for the legal profession

Our expert advocates and clinical social care staff can assist our colleagues within the legal profession with the following

COP3 -
Capacity Assessment for those lacking capacity to agree to LPA.

Capacity Assessment for those lacking capacity to agree to LPA. These are required to be completed by Health or Social Care Professional.  In many cases, the person’s GP is reluctant to carry these assessments out. 

LPA Section 10 Certificate Of Capacity.

We can carry out an Independent Capacity Assessment and if the person is deemed to have capacity, we can sign off the Section 10 Certificate. This service comes complete with a fully documented Capacity Assessment

Capacity / Best Interest Assessment in relation to wills etc.

We carry out professional Capacity Assessments and Best Interest Assessments on our professional template, with the benefit of a fully qualified and experienced assessor.


Continuing Healthcare Support

We can provide the clinical aspect for current and retrospective Continuing Healthcarecases. Our highly trained and experienced staff can present cases at panel to great effect and we have an excellent success rate with both current and retrospective cases.

Care Home Inspections

For Clients for which deputyship is in place who are in care home we can carry out Care Home Monitoring, ensuring effective care is being delivered in a safe and appropriate environment. We will also carry out a Care Home Records Inspection, ensuring the records are robust, appropriate to the needs of the person and updated regularly. Accurate records are essential for any funding application which maybe made